You were wearing a dress

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Your is not active. We have sent an to the address you provided with an activation link. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your. Each time the victim of sexual violence gets asked what they were wearing, it heartlessly implies that he or she was responsible for the assault You were wearing a dress could have prevented it. To fight against the myth that sexual assault could be prevented by the victim alone, an art exhibition displaying what victims wore during the assault was created. More info: sapec. The idea to create such exhibition was born after Dr.

Wyandt-Hiebert and Ms. The first installation was held at the University of Arkansas in Students of the university participated by sharing brief descriptions of what they were wearing when they were sexually assaulted. The idea of this installation caught on. It has also inspired other similar installations and prompted a conversation about the problem of victim-blaming.

Scroll below to see some of the exhibits from this stark social issue installation. Months later, my mother would stand in front of my closet and complain about how I never wore any of my dresses anymore. I was six years old. I had to give a presentation that day in my communications class. They took my clothes at the hospital during my rape exam. We had been canoeing at the river all day.

It had been a really fun time. Then they came into my tent when I was trying to change clothes. It happened three times, by three different people in my life. Each time I was wearing a t-shirt and jeans. When I told my boss, she asked me this question.

You were wearing a dress

He convinced me to come back to his house with him after a lame date. I was told by a friend to keep the clothes. I was wearing in case I decided to report it. They are still in a bag hidden in my closet. The next time, years later, I was wearing jeans and a blue t-shirt. I wear blue sometimes when I kickbox or when I need to be assertive. These are mine. As soon as I got home, I threw that shirt in the trash. It was always the same outfit. It was always after rec center league. I trusted him. My mom trusted him. Everyone seems so confused when I tell them this.

The same thing I wear most days. It was what I was comfortable in. It reminded me of home, of my family, of my identity. Now it reminds me of him. Anyone can write on Bored Panda. Start writing! Follow Bored Panda on Google News! Follow us on Flipboard. This lazy panda forgot to write something about itself. I was six, too. I just remember my father's face, when I told him. When he punched me for "lying" and "trying to ruin that man's reputation". I could never understand that part. That response. And, then years later, found out that he had been "inappropriately touching" his nieces and sister.

I guess that explains everything. I'm so sorry. I hope you know that you did nothing wrong. I'm sorry your dad responded so wrongly and horribly. I'm so sorry that happened to you. I was the daughter of a "trusted neighbour". But when he tried it with the kid next door, her father threatened to kill him if he ever touched her again. That is how a father is supposed to react. That's horrible your father hit you and didn't believe you. I hope you're doing better now. Stay strong.

I'm sorry that happened, I'm angry at your dad's reaction more than anything for some reason though I hope they are both in hell. I would've been angry with my father if I were you! I can't imagine anyone imagining is capable of making such a thing up. That's insane! Lisa C. May I ask - that last "found out that he had been" was that the neighbor or your dad? This comment is hidden. Sorry I'm with LEN on this one. Sounds like bullshit. These are the worst types of people. They make up stories so they will be heard or liked. Not saying all stories are but lets check the facts, the father punching a SIX year old father doesn't listen Where is mother in all this School would have seen marks on child's face and You were wearing a dress social services.

You were wearing a dress

Father doesn't ask any questions to the neighbor. OK I'm saying sounds like bullshit.

You were wearing a dress

It might be true which is horrible but a lot of holes in the story. Sorry that happened Lisa and i know you were six but that type of trauma stays with you and you remember everything. Oh and report him and your father right now. Let me know how it goes. As if a six year old was some kind of temptress?!

I can't reply to the person below you so I'm sorry but I suppose they ask what they were wearing to show that your clothing does not matter. If people are sick enough to rape and assault you they would do it regardless of what you look like or what you are wearing.

I think its a way to show that anyone can get raped and your aren't asking for it when you wear a certain thing. To me its a way to show that you You were wearing a dress blame the victim male or female, I put that there just to make sure that I don't annoy anyone. She told her story and by the sounds of it, she never reported. Soof - I will tell you why, I don't go out dressed like a cop and when someone comes up to me and says they need help, I cant say "oh because i dress this way you think I'm a cop".

RAPE is bad by all means, but your getting the most attention if you dress like a Skank when you go out. Also men and women are not equal when it comes to strength. Don't wanna get raped, take some men with you next time as friends.

You were wearing a dress

Sorry but its that simple. Why the actual fuck would some asshole rape a six year old?! This is why I have lost faith in humanity. Also, why would anyone ask a rape victim what they were wearing at the time, why do people try and shift the blame on the victim?! What has happened to the world? If I ever hear someone blame a victim for the rape, to be honest, I would smack the victim blamer across the face. I wonder if they ask because they hope to hear the victim was provocatively dressed in some way and that they can therefore protect themselves from such things simply by not dressing that way.

They are kidding themselves, but I think it could be a self-preservation reaction - a wrong and thoughtless one nonetheless. I think it's instinctive, Clockwork. They shift the blame to the victim so that they don't look as though they are in a team with the victim therefore appearing as "weak" as them. It's something many birds do, for instance. They peck at the wounded bird instead of sticking with it, so that other birds don't begin pecking at them too. There's one big difference between us You were wearing a dress social animals though: animals only have their instincts and group to help them survive and we've got a very complex mind as a bonus, plus the chance to abandon our stupid "friends" for more sensible ones.

However, most humans find using that interesting thing between their ears a lot harder than simply strutting about and shouting insults. As you can see, in general our species is just composed of dumb useless creatures. No one is trying to shift blame clockwork unless their complete garbage people. You have to piece stories together and get all the facts and evidence. Just saying he or she did something to me and you wont work again for at least a month. Then you can pay bills then you have to pay a lawyer.

It sucks. I think of my beautiful little girl, I would kill the person that even thought about touching my daughter like that! She is also the reason why so many children do not tell of the abuse. I was 44 when I finally told. Lol I think it's funny. I hope she grows up all traumatized and depressed.

Deliberately saying what you think are shocking things is not funny or clever. It is just boring. This is really deep and heartbreaking. What an asinine question to ask someone after going through a nightmare.

You were wearing a dress

Clarification - I didn't mean the exhibit! I mean real people who ask the victims this question.

You were wearing a dress

It was used to shame the victim and ignore or justify the crime. There are countless court transcripts to back this up.

You were wearing a dress

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Are You Wearing Your Clothing or is Your Clothing Wearing You?