Women looking for couples Lorraine New York

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Art Is. It was a risk, since there was no guarantee the move would actually work. But the performance was undertaken in a spirit of elation which carried over on the day. Although she had received a grant from the New York State Council on the Arts to do the piece, she decided not to broadcast it to the art world.

She wanted to it to be a pure gesture, she told friends, in the style of Duchamps whose work she had been teaching at SVA for several years. But this may also have been insulation against further frustration, a way to strengthen the sense of freedom. Download full PDF. Also touched on are the assembling of the performers and how they helped shape the piece.

The performance, in effect, made portraits of the people and landscapes of Harlem. Amanda Hunt: Lorraine, we began talking about the photographic documentation of your performance Art Is…, and about the potential configuration of images we would present at the Studio Museum, and we came to something really interesting. There was a blankness to its architecture, so it was impossible to get a mental or emotional grip on it. There was something about not being able to imagine the life behind the blank windows, or even beyond the strange fluorescent lights in the long entrance leading to an inner courtyard—not being able to see anything, really.

Whenever I look at that building, it still has this impenetrable mystery that fascinates me. And then there is the only vertical image in the series, the one I call Girl Pointing. I can never settle on a feeling for her.

Women looking for couples Lorraine New York

Based on exchange with feminist art critic Moira Roth. The answers to your questions are fairly intertwined. When I was a teenager in the late 40s growing up in Boston, I would devour magazines with pictures of girls in long black skirts, black turtlenecks and black berets, drinking expresso and puffing on cigarettes in 4th Street cafes.

It was a fractious group.

Women looking for couples Lorraine New York

Her comment stayed with me. Perhaps because I am West Indian and a great believer in Carnival, the idea of putting avant-garde art into a parade came to me. There was so much real art in that parade it would drown out the avant-garde! So I decided on the African American Day Parade in Harlem, which was comparatively tame and commercial — you know, ooompa-ooompa marching bands and beer company adverts. My first idea was to mount several pieces on a parade float and just march it up 7th Avenue. So I switched, from putting art into the parade to trying to create an art experience for the viewers.

Then I put an ad in Billboard and hired 15 gorgeous young black actors and dancers, male and female, dressed them in white, and gave them gold picture frames of various styles and told them to frame viewers along the parade route. They did this while hopping on and off the parade float, according to how fast it was moving or whether it was stalled. I told the people at Just Above Midtown, the black avant-garde gallery I showed with, and the women in the Heresies racism collective knew about it, but almost noone else.

The only person I gave slides to was Lucy Lippard, who was in both the Heresies mother and issue collectives and wrote about the piece five years later in Z. Lucy later printed two images in her book Mixed Blessings. But nothing else happened with that piece. I was shocked when, a few years ago, Johanna Drucker asked me for slides for a book she was writing.

Women looking for couples Lorraine New York

I thought noone had noticed. The organizers of the parade were totally mystified by me and by the performance. But the people on the parade route got it.

Women looking for couples Lorraine New York

Do you think this is okay, or am I remiss in leaving out some of your other performance work? A quarter-century later she would convert photodocuments of the performance into an installation, a selection of which is on view in This Will Have Been. Perhaps she was getting stronger. People often ask me to compare the live performance of Art Is. They were incommensurate events.

Women looking for couples Lorraine New York

The day of the parade was hot, one of the hottest of the summer. There were a huge of floats and marching bands, and they each had to wait on a side street before they could get en route. We shared the block with the Colt 45 group for almost four hours before our turn came. It was that kind of day. We got onto the parade route about p. The float was stop-and-stall, sometimes for fifteen minutes at a time. At other times, it would be moving so fast that in order to stay in line, you had to run like crazy, or just jump on and ride. I felt it might do better with the umpah-umpah marching bands and the beer company floats.

It was scary because I had no idea if it would work. There were hundreds of slides taken that day. InI took the images out of their storage box and made a time-based slideshow for my website using forty-three of them. A year later, for Art Basel Miami Beach, I reduced the slides to forty and made a wall installation, totally rearranging and mapping them.

When I saw them like that—spatially, all over and at once—I felt I could finally intuit what the experience had been. But only what it had been for me. It was the complexity, the mystery, the images that no matter how hard I looked would never become clear, would always remain out of reach.

The guy in one photo caught me the most. I could never have imagined him there. I made him the center of the installation. And the place in the next photograph! And the ambiguity of the gesture of a girl pointing. She is delightful, but is her response one of ironic complicity or is it dismissive? Academic journal of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, To speak out of turn means that you have spoken when it was not your turn to do so.

Conditions, for example, established and maintained in order to manage the exclusive boundaries of the fine art world. Atop it, 15 actors in all-white clothing danced with smaller frames; as the float moved along its route, they leapt out into the crowd and held them up to intrigued spectators, who summarily found themselves making art, or having art made of them. She made the Women looking for couples Lorraine New York which bore the wonderfully open-ended title of Art Is… with a grant from the New York State Council for the Arts and nothing in the way of publicity, at a time when documenting performance art was almost an afterthought and marketing it was a joke.

Now the artwork has come home to the neighborhood where it took shape. This summer, for the first time, all 40 photographs from the performance are on view at the Studio Museum in Harlem through October Jody B. Good art accrues meanings through time, dragging along those seminal semiotics reflecting the circumstances in which it was created and the humanity of the artist behind it. The straightforward presentation and snap-snot quality of the images conveys an aesthetic for the work qua work of art that wrangles organization, excitement, and intellectual energy.

Even stronger resonances are forthcoming at the history and heart of the piece, here on th St. September 5, You fill in the blank, the title says, in a demotic spirit, Art can be whatever you want it to be. Their joy, thirty years on, is still infectious. Ordinarily, frames mark the disjunct between inside and outside, the line of difference between image and museum wall, family portrait and mantelpiece.

The center of the photograph consists of a performer holding up a small frame around herself and another woman; both their smiles are subdued, neutral.

Women looking for couples Lorraine New York

From left to right: a black man with a quizzical eyebrow; a black man snarling in the direction of the picture frame; a black man in sunglasses, oblivious to the scene, staring off into the distance; a white cop, arms crossed, detachedly observing the women, his expression something between a snigger and a sneer.

Of all the anomalies in the photographic series, of all the things that are outside the performative frame of parade conviviality, the subtle police presence is perhaps the most telling.

Women looking for couples Lorraine New York

On the right, a woman performer stands in profile, facing center, with a tight-lipped and faintly mischievous smile, holding an empty frame close to her face. On the left, a male cop stands facing her, two or three feet away, hand relaxed on his hip, with an easygoing smile.

Because the frame, too, is in profile, its empty interior is for once not visible to us; all we can see of the frame is its side. Her look puts the question to the cop, tests him: Do you really see me? Can you see that I can see you, too? Or rather, she reframed the street as art — literally. Boulevard in the annual African American Day Parade. The greatest strength of this curatorial strategy was its ability to build on and exceed the limits of individual works while also expanding the purview of what gets remembered in the historicist ambitions of periodization.

Women looking for couples Lorraine New York

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