Thin women make my Chattanooga flicker

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These morons who want to put on a clown suit and ride a bicycle uphill, and delay those folks driving automobiles, and then scream and cry they have the same rights to be on the road, have evidently spent all their money on clown suits and can't afford a tire repair kit because their little bikes get flats driving on the new road surface. Boo hoo. These same folks who claim rights to be on the road and obey traffic laws are all liars.

Every morning when I get to the foot of al Mountain at Mountain Creek and al Mountain Road, one clown will ride up as we sit at the red traffic light and cross five lanes of traffic when no one is coming when the light is red. Obey the laws? That red light means stop.

Thin women make my Chattanooga flicker

I get over to al Mountain Road and Dayton Boulevard and another little clown with little blinking lights runs this red light while all us motorized vehicle drivers obey the law. And I'd have given a hundred dollars to have been over at the tunnel the other day and saw the little clown scream at the car that passed him, and when the car stopped a police officer got out and read him the riot act.

I'd bet the little clown had to walk over into the woods and shake his little clown suit out. The officer should have jerked him out of his little clown suit and put his stupid butt in jail. Stay off the ro. No one wants to drive home at two or three miles an hour and watch you sweat and turn red in the face.

Go to a gym and get in shape. Call it a hunch, but I have a feeling Mr. Dempsey might be up in his years. Times are changing and Chattanooga is one of the most biker friendly cities in the country. Combined with gas prices, Chattanooga is taking the correct steps to adapt to the change this country is going through.

All this anger coming out in an opinion to Chattanoogan. Dempsey some heart trouble.

Thin women make my Chattanooga flicker

Get on a bike and get some exercise. Besides, what's Mr. Dempsey in such a hurry to get home for The Matlock marathon on TBS? Just like me, Mr. Dempsey has been stuck behind Michaelangelo riding his bicycle up the W Road on al Mountain in his skinny nuthin's and holding up traffic. We're no longer allowed, by law, to honk our horn at Michaelangelo because he's holding up traffic.

Thin women make my Chattanooga flicker

By law we're no longer allowed to pass Michaelangelo unless we can maintain at least three feet between our vehicles and his expensive aluminum bicycle because he's riding in the traffic lane. By law, we're supposed to afford Michaelangelo all of the same road courtesies we would a motorized vehicle However, by law Michaelangelo is also required to adhere to all rules of the road just as any other vehicle using it. Michaelangelo is required by law to abide by Thin women make my Chattanooga flicker traffic laws including stopping at traffic lights, providing a al when turning or making a movement while on the road, and yielding the right of way.

Michaelangelo is also required by law to pull over and allow traffic to pass when he has three that's like tres, son, tres, or 3 other vehicles behind him because he's going slower than the speed limit. If the police were to hold Michaelangelo to the same standards as the motorists with whom he wants to share the roadways, there would be some tickets being issued. Many of us would probably cheer any cop who did that and I doubt he'd have to worry about coffee for the rest of his life.

So what if Mr. Dempsey has, as many of us, reached an age at which he's entitled to be a curmudgeon. So what if he's in a hurry to get home to watch the Matlock marathon. So what if he wants to use the ro he is legally entitled to use and for which he has paid. That is his right. As for this curmudgeon, I'm going to go try to figure out why Volkswagen has to borrow American money to build their plant here in Chattanooga rather than bringing something of their own to the table. Do we, Americans, have to give them everything? When I read letters like the one from Mr.

Dempsey, I cringe.

Thin women make my Chattanooga flicker

Yep, I realize our nation is built upon the right of free speech and free exchange of ideas, but hate filled tirades such as this accomplish nothing. Between paying the bills, learning new things, seeing new sights, enjoying a beautiful day, and reading a good book, I just don't have enough time to get wrapped around the axle about bicyclists. If anything, bicyclists and other green initiatives make our city more enticing for forward thinking companies to locate here. I've followed bicyclists and waited to pass them and it was really no big deal.

They are exercising and not polluting the air. That's a good thing. I've got one word for Mr. Dempsey: Valium. I think if you took a county-wide survey of the people Thin women make my Chattanooga flicker live and drive here, Not the interest group that is pushing this to get tourism dollars, the Chattanoogans, you would find just about all of the drivers don't want the bikes. I was told that there is law that says bike riders can run red lights, as long as it is clear?? Obviously that wasn't a good choice yesterday!

A man lost his life. If bikes cant ride on the sidewalk, then bike lanes only. Use some of those tourism dollars, instead of paying thousands of dollars for a bag of rocks, to put trendy bike lanes in downtown, so we can impress the tourists, and leave the residents in peace. How can people call Chattanooga a "bicycle friendly" city when all the cyclists do is hold up traffic and complain they have no place to ride? My better half and I took a brisk stroll at the Riverpark on the walking path last Sunday afternoon and spent the entire time dodging Lance Armstrong impersonators from ages 5 to So much for following the bicycles at three to five miles per hour as is posted on the s.

Of course, who would expect them to follow the rules of a park when they cannot even follow them on the main ro. Maybe if the city would create bike lanes then that is where the spandex crowd would be expected to ride. For those who say I do not know what I am talking about; I actually own a very expensive mountain bike, but I know where to ride it and how to act when I do. When did it become illegal to use common sense to get off your bike and push it through a tunnel on the sidewalk? No law says you can't push a bike on the sidewalk.

Oh I forgot. One day you may be dead right. With age comes wisdom. If you live long enough, hopefully you'll acquire some of the wisdom Mr. Dempsey is trying to share.

Thin women make my Chattanooga flicker

He just has a brash way of sharing. No matter how right you think you are, use some of the good sense God gave you. When it rains you drive your car according to conditions. You can get a ticket for driving too fast for conditions no matter the posted speed. The same applies to riding a bike under unsafe conditions. Get a bike and the fun you say. Unfortunately it's not that simple. Not everyone shares your health. My knees are long gone. One is artificial and does not work well. Oh, did I mention this is the result of a bike accident? And no car was involved.

The other knee is nearly gone now. So don't tell me to get a bike and up. I rode bikes when I was young. I was involved in no less than five bike vs.

Thin women make my Chattanooga flicker

None my fault, but anyone could have been deadly. Been there, done that, wiser now.

Thin women make my Chattanooga flicker

I wholeheartedly support your cause to make Chattanooga bike friendly. Right or wrong, cars will run over you. I think the cyclists are crazy but I admire them. We, my son and I, almost took a couple of guys out the other day in the fog on the way to school at about a.

Sorry, but fog in the morning is a little nutty, guys. But who in the world am I to complain about people who can motor up the Ochs Extension or Burkhalter Gap on Lookout Mountain using only pedals? I see that all the time and it is amazing to me. I don't mind waiting to pass and I'll give them all the real estate they need. I would love to be that fit.

I think it's pretty cool. But we're forgetting about the other half of Mr. Dempsey's gripe: the clown suits. I wish we as a species could become aware that when a given body rides the streets of a given U.

Thin women make my Chattanooga flicker

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