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This is a chronological list of notable court cases involving First Amendment freedoms from to present. Each case on the list links to a summary of the ruling in the case. The list includes rulings from the Supreme Court and other ificant decisions from state courts and the U. Courts of Appeals. Runkel v. Winemiller gives insight into how early America viewed the First Amendment.

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The case involved the Maryland Court of Appeal's intervention in a Croswell introduced that truth should be a defense to libel, even as the court upheld a libel In Commonwealth v. Clapp Mass. Libel was considered criminal Barnes v. First Parish in Falmouth Mass. People v. Ruggles is one of the few convictions for blasphemy in the U. Inthe Supreme Court overturned the criminal libel convictions of the owners of the Hartford Courant who had published an article accusing the president Phillips has been called the first free exercise case and the origin of priest-penitent privilege.

Terrett v. Taylor did not cite the First Amendment because it did not apply to states at the time, but it was one Red sex video hudson seeking carrey the most important church-state Commonwealth v. Sharpless led to the first obscenity prosecution in the United States. This case took place before First Amendment rights were extended Trustees of Philadelphia Baptist Association v. In Dartmouth College v. Woodwardthe Supreme Court ruled that New Hampshire had violated the contract clause and aled church-state disestablishment In State v.

Gruber Md. Baker v. Fales Mass. Supreme Court, illustrates some of the problems that states with established churches faced prior to their abolition in Anderson v. Dunn upheld the right of Congress to cite individuals for contempt but recognized that contempt citations could suppress First Amendment State v. Willson S. Inthe Pennsylvania Supreme Court upheld a blasphemy conviction against a man who said the Bible was full of fables and lies. In Updegraph v. Blanding Mass. Phillips et al.

Gratz ruled that a Jewish man had to attend trial on the Sabbath. The decision was issued before the application of the First In Barron v. Baltimorethe Court said framers of the Constitution did not intend the Bill of Rights to extend to the states, thus limiting it to the Wheaton v. Peters was one of the first cases to deal with copyrights, the protection of which is an exception to general First Amendment protections In early America, blasphemy was not protected by the First Amendment.

Chandler Del. Kneeland Mass.

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Blasphemy is protected by Although Folsom v. Marsh C. Vidal v. Permoli v. New Orleans shows the limits of the free exercise clause of the First Amendment in the years before the Bill of Rights was applied to the White v.

Nicholls said that letters sent about the fitness for office of public officials could be found to be libelous. Libel is not protected by the Although church and state institutions operate separately under the First Amendment, government has intervened on internal church matters such as in Smith v The Supreme Court ruling in Beatty v.

Kurtz is an example of favoring church rights despite the First Amendment's clause against establishment of In an early state case about religious freedom, Commonwealth v. Cronin, a Virginia judge ruled that a priest could not be forced to testify about information Nachtrieb does not mention the First Amendment, but it furthered religious free exercise by sustaining an agreement between a religious society Richardson v.

Goddard said that state days of prayer were not required to be observed after a firm sued for losing cargo they left out due to a day of Cooke Mass.

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The First Amendment which protects such rights was not yet applied An Vermont Supreme Court decision demonstrates that courts early Red sex video hudson seeking carrey America's history permitted fairly harsh discipline of students, even for actions that took In Ex parte Vallandighamthe Court said it had no jurisdiction to hear appeals from a military tribunal in a First Amendment case during the Civil War Watson v. Jones said the Court would resolve church property disputes on a basis other than church doctrine, furthering the goals of the First Amendment Board of Education v.

Minora state supreme court decision, preceded later First Amendment debates in the Supreme Court about religious instruction in The Slaughterhouse Cases suggested that the First Amendment could be incorporated to the states through the 14th Amendment. Incorporation officially Cruikshankwhich arose out of the Colfax Massacre, is important in First Amendment jurisprudence for statements made about freedom of peaceable In Ex parte Jacksonthe Supreme Court said Congress did not violate the First Amendment by closing the postal system to literature about lotteries In Reynolds v.

United Statesthe Supreme Court ruled unanimously that a federal law prohibiting polygamy did not violate the free exercise clause of the The dissent in Ex parte Curtisa case involving a form of political patronage, specifically evoked the First Amendment freedoms of speech, press, and In Murphy v.

Ramseythe Supreme Court upheld a federal law that denied polygamists the right to vote, denying that the law was an ex post facto In Gibbons v. Before First Amendment protections were applied to state laws, the Illinois Supreme Court upheld convictions based on speech in the Haymarket Riot in Spies v Inthe Court ruled that Congress could dissolve the Mormon church because of its practice of polygamy. That action is now considered a clear violation of In Davis v. Beason upheld a law withdrew the right to vote from polygamists. The Court said the First Amendment freedom of religion must be subordinate Weiss v.

City of Edgerton Wisc. McAuliffe v. Mayor of New Bedford Mass. The Supreme Court granted more protection to public Supreme Court Justice David Brewer called the United States a "Christian nation" in an opinion favoring a church who had violated a law on foreign labor In re Rapier affirmed that federal statutes prohibiting the use of the mail to send lottery cards or advertisements do not violate First Amendment freedom of In Grimm v.

United States, the Supreme Court upheld on a conviction for using the mail to convey information about where to purchase pornographic pictures Hennington v. Georgia upheld a state law forbidding trains from running on Sundays. Later "Sunday blue laws" were challenged on First Amendment grounds Rosen v.

United States upheld an obscenity conviction by relying on the Hicklin test, which would eventually be discarded in light of First Amendment The First Amendment case Swearingen v. United States overturned the conviction of a newspaper publisher who mailed a newspaper with an allegedly obscene Davis v. Massachusetts dismissed a First Amendment claim and gave municipalities unlimited authority over open-air speech in a case involving und Pfeiffer v.

Board of Education illustrates developments in the Red sex video hudson seeking carrey regarding religious exercises in public schools, before the First Amendment was Bradfield v. Robertsthe first case challenging federal expenses as a First Amendment violation, said funding a Catholic hospital did not violate the McKee Conn. American School of Magnetic Healing v. McAnnulty furthered First Amendment freedoms by limiting the discretion of the postmaster general concerning mail In Turner v. Williams, the Court Inthe U. Supreme Court said that Massachusett's compulsory smallpox vaccination program did not violate a pastor's religious freedom rights under the Patterson v.

Red sex video hudson seeking carrey

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