Mirror Lake petite girl wanted

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A Simple Favour contained some huge twists - but how did the story end? Mother and vlogger Stephanie Kendrick befriends stylish fellow mum Emily Livelybut when her new best friend mysteriously disappears from their small town, Stephanie finds that she new much less about Emily than she thought.

As secrets tumble out, dark truths emerge not just about Emily's past, but Stephanie's too. So if you have seen the film, or would just like to know spoilers then look no further as we have an explanation of the film's climax for you As many initially expected Emily to have been responsible for her own disappearance, when her corpse turned up at the bottom of a lake it became clear that foul play was on the cards. As Stephanie got closer to the truth, s began to point to Emily not being dead after all, with it being revealed that Emily was Mirror Lake petite girl wanted of twins Faith and Hope McLanden, who had vanished in their teens after a fire that killed their father and left their mother Margaret Jean Smart bereft.

Eventually, as Stephanie left breadcrumbs for Emily in her vlog making her aware that she was on to her, Emily and her made contact and the audience was let in on the truth: Emily had been blackmailed by her drug-addicted estranged twin sister and murdered her to keep their arson killing of their abusive father a secret. Emily had wanted to fake her death to get a huge life insurance payout for her son Nicky and herself. Stephanie mentioned early on that she lost her husband and brother in the same car crash, but it later emerged that this wasn't the whole story.

As a teen Stephanie lost her father and met Mirror Lake petite girl wanted half-brother she had never known at his funeral, eventually they grew close and engaged in a sexual relationship. Stephanie eventually married but her husband suspected the incestuous union and that her son Miles was in fact a product of the affair and not their marriage, resulting in both men arguing in a car ride and the car crashing and killing them both.

Stephanie later got a considerable life insurance payout that she and Miles lived well from, inspiring Emily's plan. Emily also used knowledge of Stephanie's incestuous secret to blackmail her into silence, with the pair also sharing a sexual tension after the confession. Stephanie agreed to help Emily return publicly and frame Sean for her disappearance and insurance fraud, which was borne out of Sean's flirtation with a colleague and continued devotion to Emily, despite a romantic relationship with Stephanie having blossomed since Emily's funeral.

Emily gets custody of Nicky and Sean is arrested and released on bail. Stephanie and Sean confront Emily and the trio argue, ending in Stephanie shooting Sean, but Emily sees through this as a ruse to expose her machinations on a microphone. Emily destroys the microphones and holds the pair at gunpoint, planning to kill them both and pass it off as a murder-suicide.

Mirror Lake petite girl wanted

Emily shoots Sean and turns on Stephanie, before the vlogger revealed that she had been streaming to her loyal audience of followers. Emily attempted to flee but was hit by a car and then arrested.

Mirror Lake petite girl wanted

In the aftermath, Sean was cleared of charges and continued life with Nicky, Stephanie's vlog became more successful and she took up being a part-time detective, and Emily flourished in her new life in prison. By Lewis Knight Film Writer. Get updates with the day's biggest stories Invalid Something went wrong, please try again later.

Mirror Lake petite girl wanted

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Mirror Lake petite girl wanted

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Mirror Lake petite girl wanted

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