Businessman seeking sugarbabe

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Businessman seeking sugarbabe

The men have six-figure incomes, the women want a champagne lifestyle that the current financial climate has made impossible. Tonight there are excited guests, mainly 60 to 70 year old men and 20 to 35 year old women. They stand at opposite ends of the room surveying each other while sipping vintage champagne. The concept of an older man financially providing for a beautiful woman is hardly novel. But with the divorce rates hovering around 50 per cent in NYC and the economy still uncertain, it seems that, for some, a night like this in a room Businessman seeking sugarbabe of like-minded people is time well invested.

Charlie, a slick 69 year old businessman from Ohio, hands two pretty 25 year old brunettes in tight dresses glasses of champagne, which they grasp appreciatively. Charles confesses he prefers the sugar-daddy lifestyle to the more traditional one he inhabited ly. Although, of course, the age difference can present problems. She ended up getting pregnant by her old boyfriend. For a generation of women raised to believe we should provide for ourselves and then marry for love, the sugar-daddy concept may seem bizarre and outdated.

But in an economy that has forced most New York women I know to work exhaustive hours just to make ends meet, there is certainly an appetite for millionaire hunting. If they want a certain standard of life they have a choice: spend 15 hours a day working as their ass off — or find somebody who can help them out.

Allison is a year-old blonde beauty therapist from Long Island. Later, she can be seen dancing against a sweaty guy in a suit.

Businessman seeking sugarbabe

For Carla, 37, the experience has been overwhelmingly positive. She ed the international dating website SugarDaddy. Carla met a handsome South American-Italian wealth manager called Sergio eight months ago through the site. Sergio had ed to find a woman he could spend his growing fortune on. Their arrangement sounds pleasant. Sergio admits he found traditional dating too claustrophobic and time-consuming alongside his job.

What are we doing this weekend? Where have you been? Carla, he explains, never does that.

Businessman seeking sugarbabe

Plus, we have great conversations — and my clients all love her. This way, I appreciate what he want to give me right now. An affable, extremely tall strip-club owner, who goes by the name Big John, tells me that after a lifetime of sugar-daddy arrangements, he has settled down. Arrangements are so much easier. And yet plenty of obfuscation goes on here. As the night ends, one drunken man has to be escorted out by his friend, dancing becomes decidedly dirty, and couples are entwined in corners. Attractive girls who I heard shun certain men earlier in the evening are with the same men at tables, kissing.

He loves people. I look around the room and Businessman seeking sugarbabe one of the year-old women from earlier in the evening dancing with a short, balding man in his sixties. Home Reports. Related Content. Ever heard of pegging? Why have we all stopped talking about the refugee crisis?

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Businessman seeking sugarbabe

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