Free concert in Powhatan to Honor Slain Special Agent Mike Walter

Village Vibe in Powhatan is Friday Night and there’s a special twist!  Tomorrow night we will be honoring Virginia State Police Special Agent Mike Walter who was killed in the line of duty on May 26.  Star 100.9 & CBS6 will be on site to celebrate with music, dancing and food!  The concert is free but donations will be taken to support the Powhatan Youth Wrestling and Community Development to keep Coach Mike’s vision alive.

Powhatan Youth Wrestling and Community Development was established by Special Agent Mike Walter as a program to mentor youth. Mike devoted countless hours to helping others develop their core values. Much as its founder, the organization fosters grit, determination, and a desire to make the right choices in life. This non-profit organization operates through Blackhawk Gym, hosting multiple programs dedicated to instilling high standards of character, integrity, physical fitness and respect in today’s youth.The concert will be held Friday, June 23 at the Historic Powhatan Courthouse on Old Buckingham road at 7 p.m.
Address to plug in for directions for parking for concert:

3920 Marion Harland Lane
Powhatan, VA 23139

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